The Texas Capitol Group represents an unprecedented alliance of experienced, ethical and hard-working professionals. We unite to offer seamless access to a broad range of expertise and services.

The Texas Capitol Group is a full-service strategic communications and lobby alliance ready to meet our clients’ complex needs in a dynamic, increasingly interconnected, high stakes world.

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stategic150Strategic Counsel:
In today’s highly competitive, dynamic corporate and public-sector landscape, strategic counsel means assessing risks, identifying opportunities and providing trusted advice in a timely manner to our clients. Whether our client is a Fortune 100 global corporation or non-profit association, our team of experts is well-equipped to assess, advise and act upon the unique needs, challenges and opportunities each client faces.

We believe in our clients, and our clients trust in us. Texas Capitol Group professionals have deep, long-term relationships with our clients. In many cases, clients have relied on our strategic counsel services for more than a decade. That’s proof positive that our success hinges on continually exceeding our clients’ expectations.

issue150Issue Management:
Whether the mission is to build strong grassroots networks for a cause, win legislative support, or successfully navigate state and federal regulatory requirements, the Texas Capitol Group builds effective campaigns for our clients. We leverage the extensive political and public policy experience of our team to build campaigns that resonate and advance our clients’ goals.
government150Government Relations:
Texas Capitol Group professionals are experts in our field, serving on the front lines of state and federal government and issue and political campaigns. Our knowledge of not only the process but also the people means we effectively represent our clients’ needs. Through direct advocacy, coalition building and strategic counsel, our government relations and advocacy practice group is second to none.
media150Media Relations:
It takes former journalists and seasoned communications professionals to deliver effective media relations. We understand that reporters, editors and producers want timely, relevant and accurate information, and that’s what we provide. The Texas Capitol Group helps our clients deliver news the media can and does use. We also know that our clients often can and should be their own messenger, and our media training services are instrumental in equipping our clients with the tools and skills they need to deliver effective messages to the media and public.
crisis150Crisis Communications:
Anticipating and preparing for potential crisis allows our clients’ offense to be their best defense. The Texas Capitol Group advises our clients on anticipating and responding to issues that may develop in their industry and field, ensuring they are armed with the tools, messages and skills to manage a crisis when it arises. We also know that the unexpected can happen, and our team of professionals stand ready to advise and assist at a moment’s notice. When a crisis hits, our team is ready to mobilize and respond with a compelling, effective crisis management program.
communications150Internal and External Communications:
While the court of public opinion can weigh heavily on the success or failure of a client’s objective, the Texas Capitol Group recognizes the intrinsic value in building a strong network of support from within an organization. Our communications experts can tailor a multi-faceted, comprehensive, credible approach to internal communications that builds support for a company’s vision or goal from the inside out.

We develop effective external or stakeholder communications that engage, inform, motivate and mobilize external audiences.

coalition150Coalition Building
Success often hinges on bridging partisan and policy divides. The Texas Capitol Group builds successful coalitions that look for innovative ways to unite disparate groups toward a common goal. We help grassroots organizations make sure their voices are heard in the crowded arena of politics, government and media.

We know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to bridge divides and reach common ground. Our team is well equipped to build and manage the messages and people necessary for a winning coalition.